Super Craft, Inc
3380 Highway 15  Calhoun, LA 71225
318-388-8903  Cell -318-381-4343
Most SCI production units are precision cut by the latest technology
 of plasma cutters.
Winch mounts/centerplates are produced from 1/4" thick structural
 plate steel.
The frame attachments are constructed from 1/4" structural plate steel
 and die-formed before being welded in place.
All bumpers include the needed hardware to mount the bumper to your
 particular vehicle.
SCI bumpers are made to fit to the existing bumper holes in your
vehicle so the bumper mounts easily and cleanly.
SCI heavy duty front winch bumpers are always a one piece unit.
PolyUrethane coating is available on all styles and models.
Super Craft, Inc. heavy duty one piece, front winch bmpers show your personal style
while providing the quality and performance you deserve.  Super Craft Heavy Duty
Truck Winch Bumpers are built for the specific year and model of each vehicle.
SCI bumper applications utilize 11 gauge structural steel for its
 die-formed front outer portion and bumper wings' top plates.
This is an SCI Style #3 bumper for an older model Ford bronco.   Notice
that this bumper has two bars in the center push bar section where our
bigger bumpers are made with three bars in the center pushbar to
accomodate  the larger, heavier vehicle.
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